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Make it more practical for digital photo frames

Most cameras and frames don't use a 4:3 aspect ratio. The program will resize those odd AR if you specify either the width or heigth pixels, but it won't modify the AR. If it was possible to specify the both values and have the program crop out the excess pixels the resulting images would fit a digital frame without distortion or black bars.

- First the program would have to compute the resulting pixel values for a simple width and heigth resize

- Then compare with the values specified by the user and choose which resize to use

- Last crop out the excess pixels keeping the image centered.


The camera outputs a picture at 3008x2000 pixels, the photo frame resolution is 480x268.

1 - The user specified resize values are 480 wide and 268 high, compute the resulting pixel sizes for both > a resize to 480 gives 319 high and a resize to 268 high gives 403 high

2 - Choose which resize to do > 480x319 leaves pixels to crop for 480x268; 403x268 doesn't leave anything to crop. We choose to resize the picture to the width of 480.

3- Calculate the excess pixels and split in half to crop centered > 319-268=51 pixels, crop 26 pixels from the top and bottom of the image. The result will be 1 pixel larger than specified , but the frame will compensate.

nic2k12, 23.06.2012, 18:35
Idea status: under consideration


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