Ultra Resizer 1.5

Ultra Resizer is a batch image resizing tool. You can resize as many JPEG, BMP and PNG files as you want at once, and with a very good output quality. Ultra Resizer is fast, and very easy to use: you just have to choose the images you want to resize, select an output folder, choose the desired output size, and when you press the "Resize!" button, all your images will be resized.

The software lets you select one of many resolutions or define a new one manually. You may process single or multiple images at the same time. The simple design of the interface allows any user, advanced or novice, to resize images fast and without complications.
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169 votes Vote

NEVER overwrite the original - renaming and/or forcing the creation of a folder where to store resized pictures should be a default feature/setting

El Coyote, 23.06.2012, 08:00
62 votes Vote

Please show the complete path for the output folder, it's irritating, that there is only the folder name, not the path.

graylox, 23.06.2012, 08:11
60 votes Vote

drag & drop when adding pictures.

graylox, 23.06.2012, 08:08
41 votes Vote

have a second set of predefined sizes for the most common dimensions of thumbnails used both for desktop/galleries preview and for website/webpages

El Coyote, 23.06.2012, 07:37
1 comment
36 votes Vote

Let us choose the output folder and give us possibility at install

Give us the possibility to choose the output folder and give us during installation procedure the possibility to install it in the contextuel menu, so a right-click mouse operation on a picture would permit to resize very quickly this picture
detenova, 23.06.2012, 08:52
31 votes Vote

add support for RAW format w/ conversion to jpg upon resize

Laurel, 23.06.2012, 07:12
16 votes Vote

allow custom aspect ratios

J. Hargreave, 23.06.2012, 10:20
14 votes Vote

Please let me decide where to put a shortcut (I don't like desktop shortcuts).

graylox, 23.06.2012, 08:10
9 votes Vote

Get the version number correct as people will feel cheated out of a higher version than it actually is,they will also feel disappointment and lack of faith in the vendor and/or GAOTD.

Ernest Kennedy, 23.06.2012, 13:02
1 comment
7 votes Vote

add many resize method (ex. Lanczos)

mykee, 23.06.2012, 09:32
7 votes Vote

...have the option to add it to the explorer context menu.

graylox, 23.06.2012, 08:35
5 votes Vote

Include commandline support , add rotation , add compression settings

nikt79, 23.06.2012, 07:52
4 votes Vote

Add the ability to crop a batch. Consider an additional crop option which scans the photos individually and crops to reduce edge pixels which are all the same (i.e., size the image to the significant content: make the definition of 'the same' user-va

It;s great to be able to resize in batches, but often a series of images (especially from scanners or fixed-position cameras which are not well-aligned) requires the same crop. No one that I know of at this point allows batch cropping, and no one...
William Brohinsky, 23.06.2012, 11:25
4 votes Vote

Upsize as well as downsize photos...add upsizing...and Ultra Resizer is worth buying.

Preston Mitchell, 23.06.2012, 15:19
3 votes Vote

i think it doesn't support transparent photoss...

me, 23.06.2012, 07:39
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3 votes Vote

Make it more practical for digital photo frames

Most cameras and frames don't use a 4:3 aspect ratio. The program will resize those odd AR if you specify either the width or heigth pixels, but it won't modify the AR. If it was possible to specify the both values and have the program crop out...
nic2k12, 23.06.2012, 18:35
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Ozian, 23.06.2012, 16:19
0 votes Vote

Late Comment: Please verify Easy Thumbnails procedure. It was great at XP, where we could right click the selected photos and select Create Thumbnails from the menu. It didn't open the main program window, just did the job saving the files _th_Name.j

aszx, 24.06.2012, 15:26